About us

Our story

How it all started ...

Knowledge Markets was founded by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gustaf Neumann and PD Dr. Bernd Simon as part of research and development projects at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Due to the repeated demand for software and consulting, the two researchers introduced Knowledge Markets in 2005.

Our mission

What we stand for ...

We at Knowledge Markets are committed to making a positive contribution to the development of the knowledge society. We design customized solutions for our clients so they can transfer and share their knowledge tailored to their needs and goals. So together we can rethink learning.

Our team

The KM E-Learning experts

Our team consists of e-learning experts who have completed specialist qualification at renowned educational institutions. As a research-oriented company we strive to develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of our clients. Our highly-skilled software developers help us to build the software solutions required so together we can rethink learning.

Bernd Simon

Our Management

Dr. Bernd Simon

PD Dr. Bernd Simon is CEO and founder of Knowledge Markets.
As associate professor at the Institute of Information Systems & New Media at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Bernd has established himself as a researcher and lecturer in the field of learning and knowledge management.
As a consultant to the World Bank and the Austrian Ministry of Education, Bernd frequently works on innovative projects in the educational sector.
He studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the Stern School of Business, New York.

Selected publications

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Available: https://library.iated.org/view/KASTNER2024EXP

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Available: https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu

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Available: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/6758613

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