With our KM E-Books we help you to adapt to the requirements of our time.

Whether you are working in an educational institution or in a company, there are multiple use cases and objectives. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following two versions: E-Book Print First or E-Book Online First. Together we'll find the right solution.


Interactive experience in the usual format

By adding multimedia learning resources, including videos, downloads or different question types, the KM E-Book print-first enables you to convert your existing PDF documents into modern e-books.


Optimized display without restrictions

Easily arrange different types of content, regardless of layout requirements and page sizes of a printed document. With E-Book online-first, the display of your content is optimized for the web.

“Up to 85 percent of learners are very interested in having access to electronic versions of their printed learning materials.”

Lernen, üben und merken – Der Masterplan zur Entwicklung von Bildungsmedien der Zukunft ... 1. Symposion des Fachverbands der Buch- und Medienwirtschaft Österreichs


Interactive learning experiences

With our E-Books your learning material can be completed with multimedia and interactive elements.
Thereby learning and practising can be deepened and enhanced.
KM E-Books Einbettung Bilder


KM E-Books Einbettung Videos


KM E-Books Einbettung Zusatzmaterialen


KM E-Ebooks Einbettung Weblinks

Web links

KM E-Books Einbettung Frageformate

Question Types

KM E-Books Einbettung Webinhalte

Web content



... for your

  • Efficient use of existing learning resources, regardless of the source format
  • Quick and cost-effective transfer of knowledge
  • Seamless learning platform integration and easy administration

... for your

  • Easy and comfortable use
  • Engaging learning experience through various content formats
  • Enhanced learning by multimedia presentation

Successful projects

Selected articles


Die Lernplattform der Akademie der Ärzte
S. Huber, F. Müller
eLearning-Award 2020


Blended Learning bei Verkehrsbetrieben
B. Simon, B. Strassnig
Messevortrag Learntec

Digi-Books: E-Learning in Minutenschnelle
S. Hattenberger, B. Simon
E-Learning Journal


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